Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Think We Might Have Just Bought a House

Let's just say that I always stop at an open house. Even if I know it's not for me or it's too expensive. I just love looking. And dreaming. I've probably looked in over 40 or more houses since moving to Alameda nine months ago. Most of the houses we have wanted (and would fit us and our menagerie) have been frankly, waaay out of our league. And I'm not even talking fancy houses! Most of the houses in our price range have been tear down's or so tiny that we might as well buy a small condo. I guess it's timing that brings us here. The market is allowing us to buy a house that we normally couldn't get.

So here we are. I thought I'd be a lot more excited, nervous, thankful and over-the-moon than I am. It's a little odd. I've wanted it so long.

The house is a circa 1906 Colonial Revival Cottage. Upstairs it has a foyer, living, dining, two bedrooms and a kitchen and bath that need help but that are livable. Downstairs it has two more bedrooms, a full bath, a laundry/storage room and a room that will be Annie's studio/playroom. The backyard has a tree (I really wanted to have a tree!) and we share a driveway and a common wall to the garage with a neighbor. We are "in contract" and escrow starts tomorrow, so now it's up to us. We need to go over the house with an inspector and if all checks out, we move. Soon.

*Blink* Blink*


Anonymous said...

Wow, really wonderful. Congratulations, it looks like a prize. A head turner, for those of us that like "old" homes.

Marshamlow said...

It is really beautiful. Good luck.

Cher Mere said...

It looks so beautiful!!
I am so happy you found something you want. Good Luck!

annie's big sister. said...

oh my god patrice. that house is incredible!! I am so exited for you. i hope everything comes out ok so you can move in. i can't believe you found something so wonderful. that house will be perfect for you three. Mabey one more little one???

Green Kitchen said...

blink. blink. is right. how cool. let us all know asap.

zoe krylova said...

it's so pretty!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I hope you get it. It looks fabulous! I love that style of house.

blue sky dreaming said...

Oh Patrice,
This is wonderful!!! I hope it all goes well....let us know! You dream of houses...not a bad dream errr reality.
Mary Ann

Kate in NJ said...

How cool!
It looks "like you" to me..from what I've seen on your blog I mean.
lol Good luck!!

Amanda said...

Wow, it's so cute! I'd love to have that much room! You sound like you're in shock. :)

(I've been enjoying your blog, btw.)

Mariposa said...

It looks wonderful with lots of character. I hope negotiations all go well.