Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't Burst My Bubble

I find myself more and more anxious around this election.
Not that I follow the news or read the newspaper at all. I really only get headlines from my Yahoo! home page and they keep stating the lead of one presidential opponent over the other. Maybe I should change my homepage from here on out because I'm already on edge?

I really believe that all people yearn for peace, care for their fellow human, and crave a healthy planet. When I move out of my bubble, (of no T.V., news, etc.) like I did this week, I have a hard time believing that everyone wants it. Annie and I went to Central California for a few days, the Salad Bowl of our nation, and we came face to face with values so different from ours that I get scared. On more lawns than not, I saw bright yellow 'Yes! on 8' signs and I become aware of how conservative and republican a lot of California is.

I'm not so naive to think that Obama is all that different from McCain. They are both politicians, playing a global, and very established game, but I'll take Obama, and that small bit of difference if it means a slightly higher chance for peace, equality, and hope for the future. Besides, if you do catch the news wouldn't it be nice to see African American girls on the White House lawn, and a young energetic couple breaking the old horrible mold that has been this nations daily diet for far too long?


Anonymous said...

If other nations can have woman in government, why can't we go beyond our narrow limits? Don't know, but let's try.

Kate in NJ said...

Oh yes, it would!!
P likes this about him..."all the other dudes look alike..I like the way he looks".
I agree. Peace is a good kind of ambition..isn't it?

Forte said...

I agree with you. I also agree with "Anonymous", however , just as wed need the right "man" for the job, we'd also need the right woman...not just any woman--which is the choice presented currently.
I certainly agree that peace is the idea.