Friday, October 17, 2008

Thimble Recommendation

I've always had a thimble (or two or three) in my sewing box. I've just never used one. They never feel right to me and seemed more work than they were worth. Maybe it's that I usually have longish nails, or that I'm just not used to it. Well, LaLa recently sent me a thimble and it is fantastic! I can wear it for long periods and it seems much more ergonomic than the thimble of yesterday. Now I get the whole thimble "thing!" It really does help if you are going through heavy fabrics, multiple layers, or repetitive stitches.
I believe this one was by the Clover company.

Thanks LaLa!


Project Pink Suitcase said...

Nice thimble indeed!

Melissa! said...

Ooo! I want one!

Anonymous said...

I've got one but do not wear that way. I think that I will try it like that. It looks like you can keep it on and still use the needle. Good Idea!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your Frida and Diego dolls are wonderful! How great you and Annie collaberated.
This mural is quite a project..32'
what a gift to yourself and family. Keep us posted. I so know the feeling of looking and looking, finding time to paint, still looking planning..containing yourself until painting is an amazing process.

Cher Mere said...

Hey, that is cool!

And you could totally wear it as jewelry. ;)