Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"...and they called it poultry love..."

That's Annie and Nell snuggling up in the rocking chair. Annie has had her in bed too. I draw the line about chickens in bed. So far Annie has made several "Nell" movies with various characters as co-stars. I play a bit part in one of them. It's really me in the background trying to keep Jasper on a down stay. He's painfully jealous of the chickens and moans, yips and all out barks when Annie is playing with them.

And no. We haven't had an egg yet.

I'm hopeful.

And I'm not surprised, considering


Cher Mere said...

So cute! I think you are so lucky to have chickens.

Forte said...

LOL! Too funny...
Don't the chickens have to be "relaxed" to lay? I remember reading that somewhere... :)

patrice said...

Hi Forte,
I'm not sure about why chickens lay or don't lay...We've has had chickens before and Annie was very hands-on with them and they laid. We've only had them a week today so I'm hoping they are just re-adjusting to a new home. Annie loves them just as pets, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I love getting eggs.

8)(8 said...


Forte said...

Yeah! That's what I mean. I suppose I should have been more specific and said "comfortable in their environment...", but thats what I meant by "relaxed"! I imagine they get used to the "hands-on" stuff with Annie, over time! In either case, it is a win though! It sounds like the eggs are the bonus in this situation! :D
(Jealous that you get fresh eggs, because I remember from my days in the midwest...)

Anonymous said...

This is just begging for an illustrated story to be written. And I think you would be the ideal person to do it!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Wow, how exciting to have chickens!

Kate in NJ said...

Lovely, she glows with happiness.
We wish you many eggs!! ;-)