Saturday, May 2, 2009


I've wanted to print out a hard copy of my blog for years. Especially after my horrible blog loss of '06. Well, post by post, year by year, it is happening. As I put the pages in chronological order and snap it into binders, I glance at the posts and re-read some of the many comments and realize how, since the beginning, many of you have been there. Wow! You have visited, some silently, some offering kind words and a few, welcomed me into your world. This cyber connection can seem so ethereal and distant to me intellectually, and yet, over time I feel that you've offered me a kind of companionship and connection that feels very meaningful to me.

I want to thank you!

When I started this blog, it wasn't to "get" a readership or to meet any social need. It really was to chronicle our lives. And yet I can see that the pleasure I get would be quite insignificant if it weren't for you.

If the little red bird isn't singing your name above, please let me know! I'd love to add it. If you don't find commenting comfortable, that's O.K. too.


Forte said...

WOW! I feel the same way, Patrice!
Several of the folks on my blogroll I know personally!
I've always wanted to meet You, Kate and Sarah Patience though! It'll take a while with Sarah Patience, as that is a major trip, and Kate is essentially "next door". You are in CA, and I believe we have yet another friend there, so we'll see!

Pat said...

I agree, it is so nice to have cyber friends who participate in our lives. Even if it only on a screen, it is real.
I have so enjoyed this "virtual" connection. said...

How lovely and thoughtful! I love the new banner too. It is funny, but just last night I was wondering how to keep from losing my blog. I guess this is a real concern and perhaps I should be copying as well. I started blogging to connect with other like-minded souls that share mutual interests. It has been so much more than that though. It is such a rich daily experience to share one's life and read how others exist and thrive in a sometimes difficult world.

Krista said...

My goodness am I feeling the warmth of your appreciation going through me at this moment :) Thank YOU for that! I am so glad you mentioned it being OK not to leave comments, as I have in the past allowed myself *guilt* on not saying hello, but reading on the fly. I realize it's because I really value the connection and worry that those I visit don't feel the connection if I am not talking. This is a wonderful opportunity to share with you that, indeed, I am here, reading, admiring, enjoying, smiling, even if I'm not "talking" in the comments. You continue to inspire me with each and every post. Thanks for opening *your* precious and very real world to us!

Kate in NJ said...

((Warm Hugs)) Thank you Dear Friend!! I started blogging to share ideas (and photos)with three other people..and found, not only great ideas,but great friends.

8)(8 said...

(Thank you, Patrice and Annie.)

It is wonderful to connect and meet new people.

It is even more wonderful to be welcomed into your beautiful share of the world.

zoe krylova said...

hi patrice,

i'm not writing this to have my name added, it just seemed like a good time to mention how much i appreciate your blog. there is so much honesty and beauty in it. annie and you are a truly an inspiration. i also appreciate all the lovely comments you've left on my blog. i'm not very good at responding to comments, but they always make me really happy! i feel like you are one of those blog connections i could call and arrange a tea date with, if i was in the neighborhood!

Cher Mere said...

Thank you! You are so kind. I am happy that this blog makes you happy. I feel blessed to read it.

beadbabe49 said...

Sorry to be such a don't have to add my name...I am reading quietly, just don't comment often.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the silent ones. :) But I love peeking into your gorgeous life. Your talent and Annie's (well) everything is amazing.

Kristin said...

What a sweet message Patrice. Thank you. I'm fairly new to your blog and I really enjoy it. All you do is heartfelt.

I'm curious about how you are making a hard copy of your blog. Do you just hit print to make a copy of your blog posts? Or are you copying and pasting it into another document? I thought about using Shutterfly to make a book, but I like your idea better. Also, do you print any of your sidebar?

Thanks for the shoe info. I too have problematic feet.

patrice said...

Hi Kristin,
I'm responding to your blog print out question!I've tried for a while to find a way to print my blog, and every time I tried to on my printer, it didn't really work! For instance, my banner and maybe some margin info would print, but none of my writing or pictures. Or just the opposite. So I had my husband try printing it out, at his work, on a large copier/scanner and he was able to! So I've been sending mine off to a print place. It isn't super glossy, perfect, and crisp like on-line, but (the photos are a little dark) the pages print out like they are seen on my blog. I'm glad just to have a hard copy.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Thank You to you too!
I always enjoy your blog and think of it as a treat to read and see. You and Annie are so fun!!! Thank you!