Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Into the Woods

We've returned from a wonderful week in the Mendocino Woodlands forest and I can't wait to go back!

The Ross (Residential Outdoor Science School) program was top-notch from beginning to end.

It was a completely unplugged week of community, learning, playing and breathing in the deep, unspoiled redwoods.

The camp itself is very simple, with vintage well-kept cabins, bath houses and a main dining hall that is well loved. It seems to hold the echo's of countless folk dances, wonderful shared meals and stories told in front of the fireplace.

The excellent staff of naturalists led small groups of the kids into the woods and onto the beach each day to sing, explore, write and learn in a playful and relevant way. Annie loved "Wolf" her naturalist. I trusted the team completely!

On top of all this juicy goodness, as I sat and painted with friends, sipped tea and visited with other parents, my friend Deanne was taking some time to teach herself the hammer dulcimer. The sounds became a kind of soundtrack making our time more magical and uplifting.

I would describe Annie experience as ecstatic.
Doesn't it show?

The sky is blue. The trees smell good.
I like the sound of the waves.
I feel like one of the trees.

A poem written by Annie during Ross Camp


Pat said...

It looks like a wonderful time. And the children all glow, it must be the atmosphere. Love, love the photo of you with the cap on and you are painting!

Kristin said...

Looks like a fantastic trip and Annie does look happy. I love the photo of you. You should use that for your Alameda Studio Time image because it's wonderful. Nice post!

Phyllis said...

Such a beautiful place. Did you get to the village of Mendocino as well? Such an artist you are in looks, talent, and spirit. So, so lovely to see and listen.

8)(8 said...

Beautiful. Mendocino is so lovely. I had no idea such a camp existed. You both look beautiful and Annie's poem is lovely.

Kate in NJ said...

I am simply "GREEN" with envy!