Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Visit to Brazil

Country Club is a small group of homeschooled kids in our community that Annie is a part of. The kids each get turns choosing a country and then we all meet once a month and the kids offer up what they know to each other. So fun!

Each persons approach is different, one child might talk about the animals of a country, a specific person, historical information
, or like yesterday, Annie chose to study the Yanamamo tribe of the Brazilian rainforest, including partial costume, seen above with a warriors face. The littlest kids sometimes just hold up a flag and support a sibling in his presentation (see above), while others read various books on the subject and review what they found out to the group. When we did Germany, Annie didn't offer anything she just absorbed what the others presented.

Us mom's offer up dishes from each country if we choose to or have the time. Yesterday Jeanette brought a yummy black beans and rice dish that I loved, plus there were fruits and vegetables and nuts.

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