Thursday, October 25, 2007

Counting the Days

We've been lightly celebrating Day of All Souls by remembering our relatives, pets and dear friends who's bodies have died and are living within us. It is a wonderful mix of celebration and mourning! I will post pictures of our "altar" when we are done adding to it. As for Annie, she is mostly focused on Halloween this year. She really loves the idea of going house-to-house asking for candy!! In the past, I think she was unaware of the scale of "take" she was missing out on, since we just went to a few houses in the neighborhood. This year she wants to go to "a lot of houses" to trick-or-treat. She's been counting down the days with a home-made calender, x-ing off days as they pass. It's been fun. Counting, adding, subtracting and a few fractions have been a new theme around here. (See photo above.) She's starting to understand more about money too! Back to Halloween though...Annie has decided to trade in her Halloween candy, (leaving it at the foot of her bed on Halloween night) after choosing her favorite six pieces, for a present from the Halloween Fairy. She has wished for a pogo-stick-like jumping toy that she found in the New Explorers catalog. I just ordered it today.

"Heads or tails?"


Anonymous said...

You really take lovely photographs. I can feel the sun coming through the windows.

Nina's News said...

I was unaware of existence of "The Halloween Fairy" thank you for enlightening me! Annie was a negotiator.

Jen said...

I love all the wooden blocks you used for this counting game. Did you make them or find them somewhere?