Monday, October 8, 2007

Yin, Yang and Wimsy

We went to the famous Alameda Antique fair yesterday. It's on the first Sunday of every month and it is huge!! I mean small booths with every kind of treasure imaginable, as far as your eyes can see! 10,000 people, 800 booths. Something like that! It's out on the old air base, right on the water, with a great view of San Francisco. Have I mention how much I love living in Alameda?

Well, I've been on a half hearted search for something more to adorn the area above my mantle. Dear Sara let me use a wonderful old mirror of her grandmothers, and it looked really good, (now it's right here on my studio desk!) although I've been yearning for more color and/or something to more draw you into the room. So, when I saw these metal flower sculptures, I knew I had found it! They say Made in Hong Kong on them and I'm guessing '50's? Love them! I really had envisioned something more traditional or stately, and as soon as I saw these, I could see them perfectly and I knew I'd like it. Bill wasn't so sure, and he kindly trusted my gut. What do you think? Kind of wimsical?

Next, we found these two chalk-ware plaques (we love chalk-ware) in perfect condition for next to nothing so we couldn't pass them up. I call them Yin and Yang. I'm not sure about placement though, you can see where I put them in the bottom photo, right behind Annie's body. I'm really enjoying the orange=persimmon=red flavor in a room. I guess I really needed a color infusion. I think it works with the pumpkin pillows and, if nothing else, sure prepares you for the color onslaught coming up in the dining room.


Anonymous said...

That was some "haul". The colors are very lovely.

Kate in NJ said...

Beautiful finds!
You have such a great "eye".

Dawn said...

I love those orange flowers...great find!

Mariposa said...

I love your finds. I think they look very nice.