Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Open Heart - An Indian Princess

Ever since Valerie over at Project Pink Suitcase posted about her real Grandmother, and how she was a beautiful Indian Princess (check out the photograph of her as a young woman), I've envied her unique American heritage. I believe Valerie's Grandmother was part Chippewa, so I say upfront, I earnestly apologize to any and all tribes if my version worsened any stereotypes, because I admit, I didn't do research for costume, face painting, hair, well, anything! That said, I loved wearing this costume! Annie kept saying "Mom, you look so beautiful!" and she was so excited that I dressed up, plus I got some very nice comments from some folks we saw trick-or-treating. I was surprised and delighted at how much dressing up lightened my spirit and shifted me into a playful, open-hearted mood! Yeah Halloween! Well, except that Annie's 'Candy Fairy' trade-in gift didn't arrive on time, even though I paid for the quicker shipping! Oh well, I put a note hanging from a Chinese umbrella mobile (that I've had stashed away) from the fairy telling her to look for the big brown truck...she'll love it!


Anonymous said...

Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring. That encapsulates all of you. Your beads (?) and the 20th century face painting. Too cute!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love your costume! Thank you for thinking of me and my grandma. Some days I really miss her. I'll have to post another photo of her. I took some B/W 35mm photos of her while I was at Art Center for a photography class.
Keep up the great blog!!!