Monday, October 1, 2007

A Little Halloween?

Ever since I started this dollhouse ten years ago, I dreamed of having it perched in a picture window decorated tastefully for the holidays. This year, I think my dream is coming true. Since I started building it, I've had it stashed away in my studio in Santa Cruz, where few people saw it, slowly working on it, and sometimes taking a break for years at a time. At times I wondered if I'd ever finish it. Then I'd get lost in the joy of building and painting and dreaming it up. It's been just recently that I have been letting myself feel the thrill and satisfaction of finishing something that most people thought was "biting off way more than I can chew."

This miniature home has fourteen rooms, is fully electrified, and is complete except for the attic three rooms, and a few details here and there. It is enormous! I mean really big! (See picture below.) It never would have fit in our last house, and it was only a hope that I would ever have a house large enough to hold it. What was I thinking when I decided to build it?
It was totally embarrassing when it was time to move it out of the studio where I build it, and the movers had to take off the door jamb just to get it out! I will say to my own defense, that that door had been replaced a few years ago with a different frame, and that I had measured to be sure it would fit out the original door width before I built it.

I made the ghost, pumpkin cookies and full size pumpkins with Fimo.


Green Kitchen said...

You make a great home, be it miniature or life size. The move seems to be treating you well. I'm loving the color and mural in the living room. The aviary. Everything. It all looks so fun and nice. We're still in the peeing on the floor stage around here -- not so nice.

capello said...

*love* the house decorating.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that that is not your house? I don't see the Chinese paintings, but the kitchen looks like yours. Come on, truth now!

Nina's News said...

From the piano room picture you honestly can not tell it's a miniature! It made me stop and think. It was a pleasure getting to peak thru all the rooms of actual house. Did you ever give a name to this stately mansion? Can't wait to see it decked out for Christmas.

Mariposa said...

I love the dollhouse. Great story.