Friday, September 28, 2007

Embroidery Day Continued

This is how we started the day yesterday, when Annie got the idea to go to the city. Today has been foggy and drizzly all day, and we've popped some corn on the stove, and Annie's been embroidering and I've been knitting.

** Deep sigh**

It's so nice to just be at home when the weather's like this.
Have a great weekend friends!


Marsha said...

What great timing your weather is having, to be able to spend a quiet indoor day after your busy day.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little princess Annie looks like. And yet we all know that she still is a little girl who likes to climb ladders in and out the window.

Mariposa said...

She looks so sweet. Ami has been asking to sew and I think I am going to try this with her after seeing Annie. My mother did these things with me, and I guess it is time for me to try them with Ami.