Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mosquito, Dr. Who & Indian Food

I'm totally wide awake at 1:42 A.M. because there's a mosquito in my room. I got up and couldn't find it anywhere, so I turned on the closet light hoping to draw it into the closet, then the closet light was sending daggers into my eye at just the right angle. Ugh! Then I started to think about the leftover Indian Food in the fridge we had for dinner, which was so fantastic, and try to fight the urge to reheat it and have a midnight snack. But no! I'm tired, and I'm not even hungry and I try to go back to sleep. I almost get there, but no! Annie and Billie watched a creepy episode of Dr. Who tonight (I'm not sure which vintage) with weeping angels and Annie has woken up "spooked" and is has just now fallen back asleep, and I had to pry her fingers off my nighty just to get out of bed and find the flyswatter because I spotted the mosquito while I lay there, and I just got it. Then I had to go pee, and I saw the computer and had to check my email, like someone was going to email since I checked it at ten! I'm just now realizing why I'm up! I offered a mini diet coke to my friend Justine when she visited today and I had one too. I'm not a soda drinker, (or coffee) but I always buy it when my Mother-in-Law's visits (it's her drink). It's like I'm on drugs! Evil drink. Maybe I'll just go read a bit. A wonderful blogger Dawn, has sent me a book Five Quarters of the Orange and I'm only on page 33 and I'm really into it! Totally engrossing, farming, cooking, family dynamics, WW2, and some unfolding secrets. by the gal who wrote Chocolat.

One more thing, I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched this YouTube clip, but I'm including it here in case anyone else likes to look at really darling little dogs. I've watched it so many times, I've got the tune going thru my head just thinking about it. Just ignore this last sentence if you are sane, and grown-up, and realize how all puppies grow up to be dogs and they are pain-in-the-butts.
O.K. It's now 1:59 A.M.
Goodnight again.
I hope...


Marsha said...

I am a coffee drinker, but only one cup in the morning. Diet Coke does that to me too. I cannot have any caffeine after 10AM or I am toast at night. I hope you finally found some sleep or get a nap today.

Anonymous said...

"The day in the life of...." It was right out of a novel. I expected to read how someone then knocked on your door and it was the "Prize Patrol". Very good writing, it pulled to the very end. Even the video about the puppies!

Nina's News said...

Hey Patrice, It's been awhile since I've checked on you. You are the blogger extrodinaire! Good tip on the Joanne Harris book. Your aviary is beautiful. and finally it really shows that you are raising a talented, caring, lovely daughter. Nina and I must visit soon. Let's plan something (no diet coke)

Sniz said...

Hi, I came over from Family Adventures. I loved this post. I'm the same way about caffeine and I never realize why I can't fall asleep until later too!! :-) Such a fun stream of conscienceless!