Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lunch With Pop

We had a day in the city starting with lunch with Papa. It was San Francisco just the way I like it. Crisp, a little breezy, with puffy clouds over head, and two hands to hold. We walked from Pops work to a little place he'd been eyeing with us in mind, and we had a terrific lunch. The lemonade was fantastic. So were the fries. The restaurant itself used to be a train car, and the interior still had the wonderful details that hark back to an era of luxury.

From there, we headed up to the Legion of Honor where we enjoyed the sculpture, drawings and painting in their permanent collection. The grounds alone are almost enough to satisfy...architecture, stunning ocean views, the grassy fields (and climbing trees) and fountains! Annie and I talked about taking some drawing materials next time we go so we can do some art work outside and enjoy the view. We made a few movies while we were there, mostly of her darting and dancing around the columns in the entry way, oh, and other sassy stuff. I'll spare you and not load them up here.


Project Pink Suitcase said...

Oh, just posted!
I love SF. Lucky you!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful. I especially liked the "little girl among the columns". It takes one out of 2007 and makes it timeless.

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun, french fry filled day. Great photos!