Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Meal? or Don't Look Vegetarians!

Annie loves to go to Chinatown and visit this one, out of the way, "fish store" where they sell live fish, turtles and frogs for eating. We were having a pleasant "embroidery" morning, *just imagine sweet classical music playing* when she asked if we could go over to Chinatown and get a fresh fish for dinner. O.K! Why not? *now can you hear the Jaws theme?* So we gussied up and drove over the bridge to Stockton and Jackson, had a light nosh of delicous dim sum near Portsmouth Square, then hoofed up the steep block to this whole-in-the-wall shop. The busy clerks pretty much ignored us, thinking we were just tourists, and helped numerous Chinese customers, which was perfectly fine with Annie, since she loves seeing who chooses what, how they kill it (right in front of you with a wooden club) and how they clean it. It also thrills Annie to no end to round up any turtle or frog that is trying to escape and return it to it respective enclosure. *imagine the thanks she getting from the animals!* So, can you guess which of God's creatures we had for dinner tonight? Look for the one that has the really scared looking expression on it's face.


Anonymous said...

Children accept the cycle of life a whole lot better than adults. Maybe because they are so much further to the denouement. And your are right, the fish knew what was coming.

Marsha said...

Ack! You two have so much fun.