Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ooooh LaLa!

Look what arrived in the mail today!!
Eight Perfect Peaches!
When I opened the box, the intense, warm peachy perfume instantly made my mouth water. I unwrapped each one from it's precious receiving blanket, and stopped to take these pictures before standing over the kitchen sink and devouring two, while Annie slobbered one beside me. Mmmmm.

I've been on a quest all summer to eat the perfect peach, and let me tell you, I've kissed a few toads in the process. I had a few really good ones, and we kind of got into the doughnut peaches. You know the little doughnut shaped ones? They we're pretty good. And one day my friend Joan was eating a peach and said,
"You want some of this peach?"
(She knew nothing of my quest), so I said
"Is it a good one?"
"Good enough," she said as she handed it to me and walked away to wash the juice from her hands and arms.
Well, it was one of the best peaches I'd eaten all summer! Wow! To me, a bad peach, all mushy, and bland, is just soooo bad. But a good one? Absoulute heaven! Juicy, sweet, thin skinned with a slight sting to each bite. You know!
So, now that Fall is on it's way, I feeling bummed because I really don't think I've had enough really good peaches.

Until now.

The little darlings!


Marsha said...

This is what I miss about California, the produce, the peaches. They are truly the best in the world. I even think the milk is better in California. Everyone thinks I am nuts, but farm fresh produce from a farmer's market in Sacramento is the best produce in the world.

Dawn said...

Reading that made my mouth water...I moved away from Georgia, Peach State when I was 7 and don't think I've had a good one since then. Enjoy!