Monday, December 17, 2007

Date With an Angel

Click away now if you cannot stomach any more rattling on about my darling Annie!

OK. Those of you who are still with me, we went and saw Santa today and had a special Christmas lunch. Sushi. Which included a lot of hot Miso soup and tea because it was so cold. As we sat there, the light was so perfect, and Annie looked like and angel. She was so happy, funny and the most perfect lunch companion. I can't believe she's almost seven. What a delight! Part of why I blog is to record times like these for Annie, in hopes that someday she can get a glimpse at our lives together during these years and see the intense pleasure and satisfaction I get out of knowing her.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't Santa recruit Annie as one of his elves. She is dressed so perfectly.

Mariposa said...

So sweet. Annie looks so cute with her missing front tooth.

I have seen advertisements to turn your blog into a book. I have thought about doing that for Ami.

Merry Christmas!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Wow, I saw Santa with my son on this same day too. This year Zach sat on Santa's lap without crying.
He's such a little man.
I love seeing your adventures with Annie! Lovely!