Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Longest Night

Happy Solstice everyone!
We are all jammied up over here, with full bellies and a warm fire. I decided to recall my favorite story of Christmas, most of which I got from my Mother, with a few pieces of my own.

As the days get shorter, and colder, and plants go dormant for the winter, the cycle of life can get hard and harsh for humans on earth. This Wintertime can be regional or metaphysical, or both. At this time we may struggle to find beauty, hope and even food to eat.
Throughout time, people have devised ways to make it through to Spring without giving up hope. We search for green sprigs and bright berries to remind us of the beauty of Spring. We light candles to remind us of the warmth of the sun, and the miracle of life. Each of us can search within and find a song of light and joy and carry it to the ones we love as a gift of hope and love.


Some craft a symbolic blossoming tree with make-believe fruits and blossoms on it that delight the senses, or to celebrate the power of nature. Some light candles to remember that when we didn't have enough to get us through, miraculously there was plenty! Many enjoy tales of characters carrying an abundance of joy through the night sky.

However you celebrate, I hope you find warmth and hope on this winter night!

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Anonymous said...

That is definetly a Solstice tree, crafted for hope and happiness in the future. We burn the candles and sing festive songs. Everyone looks contented in your house, even the dog, Nana?