Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Girl!

My girl has lost her first front tooth! It feels like such a big deal! I think she looks adorable! She lost the bottom two already but the top one is just so visible. This is just a external sign of so many of the ways she is growing and changing. I'm excited for her and for the coming new year.

We are finally all getting over being sick. Thankfully it was mild for all of us, except for a intense fit of grouchy-ness on my part yesterday morning. I was supposed to fly to LA to celebrate Christmas with LaLa this weekend, and instead I was home sick and then made the mistake of standing in line at the UPS Store to ship a few packages. Nothing went well there. Then Billy wouldn't pick up the phone when I tried to call home, then *POW* I just went crazy. When I got home I was screeching and screaming and blowing my top. I was so frustrated and angry at all the plan changes and with holiday pressure and I just wanted to let everyone know. Annie at one point ran in and said "Pop, just do whatever she wants!"
They dressed and promptly ran for the park and by the time they came home, I felt better and I told them both how sorry I was for yelling, and having a fit. Annie said that she knows that I love her even though I was yelling. I still hate it when I get to that point. And yet, it felt so good to let it all out! If only I could just be heard for my needs when I'm in that place, rather than Bill or Annie hearing blame, criticism or fault. I really want to work on it, so next time I won't slime anyone, and just express myself.


Project Pink Suitcase said...

Glad you are feeling better.
That is a bummer you had to postpone your trip. Being sick is never fun for anyone. My son was sick this past week with a fever/flu type thing. Not fun.
I've been on the edge of a cold, but luckily haven't gotten it.

Anonymous said...

She seems as proud of the tooth as you are!!! Or, I should say, lack of the tooth.