Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mi Familia

Ah! Sweet Connection.

Annie's Birth Mother Patricia just left after a lovely weekend visit. She brought Annie's Birth Grandmother Ramona, and both of Annie's Birth half-Sisters, Laura and Jenipher plus little baby Billy, Sissy Jenipher's new baby.

We went to the beach, built a sand castle, collected shells and watched the wind surfers.

We ate some wonderful meals (thank you Billy), laughed, went to two yard sales and watched a movie. We snuggled Annie and Baby Billy, plus we took a lot of pictures. I just loving looking at all these dark-haired beauties!

Annie felt a little jealous of the amount of attention showered on Baby Billy! She's used to being the center of it all.

Adoption has been such a wonderful way for us to grow a family! Each visit is such a celebration of the pride, love and gratitude that we all feel about our connection.

This photo was just moments before everyone left.
Top Left to Right-Me, Patricia, Sissy Laura, Sissy Jenipher
Bottom Gramma Ramona and The Star of the Show, Annie


Pat said...

The connection between Bill and Billy is so sweet. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Jen N said...

great pics. looks like a wonderful celebration.

8)(8 said...

Such beautiful photos.

Kristin said...

That's a unique gathering of folks. In the last photo, Annie looks exultant.

Ulla said...

I so loved seeing you yesterday! THANK YOU FOR COMING!!! I can barely wait to come down and visit you... These photos express the overwhelming love and acceptance you so gracefully embody! Annie is indeed one lucky girl!

Zoe said...