Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plant Thief

I've been pinching starts of all the different Geraniums that I find thriving in my neighborhood and starting them in small pots in my yard. Luck for me La La Pat has been giving me decorative little planters each visit I make, and I've placed my new collection in the shade of my back steps. I love the way it looks, and better yet, the project has just cost me a large bag of potting soil so far. Beauty, economy and growth. Ahhhhh. What a lovely combination.

(And no, I didn't steal the Tree Fern. We bought it a while back.)


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice variety of have a good eye and nimble fingers and I'm sure smiling all the while!

8)(8 said...

The stairs look beautiful. I loved gardening when I lived in northern California. I tried it here but got poked by a toxic agave, sliced, and full of prickers too many times. I finally gave in and told my husband to pay someone last year or the year before. We go around "rescuing" pieces of cacti that break or drop in the neighborhood. We plant them in a container until they are big enough to be put in the ground.

Kristin said...

There's nothing wrong with being a plant thief when it does no harm to the plant or the owner. Succulents are good for the taking too.