Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Short Report

Outside my window...early morning gray skies.

I am thinking ...about plans for August and September.

I am thankful that...Bill and I enjoy each other so much.

From the kitchen...not much! Getting by on peaches, quesadilla's and cereal until Bill comes home and prepares real food for us.

I am wearing...tangerine house coat and this.

I am creating...hmmmm. I am in (slow) process with a few things.

I am going...nowhere today. We'll have a restful at-home day today.

I am reading... Anne Proulx The Shipping News. Not loving it yet.

I'm surprised trampoline "routine." I love how I feel with exercise without the intense contact with the ground.

I am hearing...our hens screaming out their "I just laid an egg and I want everyone to know it" sounds.

Around the house..I'm pretty caught up with housework. I would like to do a "once over" before dinner tonight. I'll give myself until about 4:30 before I snap to it though.

One of my favorite things...the aviary full of canaries.

A few plans for the rest of the week...gardening, a spot or two of laundry, a play date for Annie, continuing our NoTVorSugar week, Sara's wedding, seeing the whole family, wearing our new dresses.

A picture to share...


Kristin said...

The Shipping News is slow to grow on you, but it will get better. It's quite good by the end.

I love the simplicity in which you describe what is going on with your life.

I didn't know you had so many birds. How colorful and wonderful.

Pat said...

Those birds look like "sugar dipped" candies. How lovely to see everyday.
Isn't "Shipping News" a movie with Kevin Spacey? That was a good movie.

8)(8 said...

The birds are so pretty in their sorbet colors.

It’s funny how limiting one or two things can really help improve your eating overall.
When we switched our diet to no gluten, no casein we all ate healthier. My spouse is getting better at figuring out the non-wheat flour mix so the bread he is making has improved in texture. That’s funny, we survive with simple foods, and when my spouse is home he is the cook.

We got rid of TV cable a couple of months ago when we got rid of the fax and work lines because because they were replaced with other technology.

I still let Ami watch something on Netflix or DVD a couple of times per week. I’ve noticed if there is something on PBS sometimes it can be watched online for free for a period of days. I understand there are programs that can be paid for as well over the Internet.

Ulla said...

Another thing I WANT to see - your Canaries!!! Beautiful day my dear!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love your birds!!!