Friday, March 9, 2007

Magic Carpet Ride

In the grand scheme I know this is just a tiny little thing, but I've been trying to replace my living room carpet for months with no success. We have a little house so this carpet features prominently, so I want something harmonious, lively and well made. I've returned two carpets already. (If you're curious, this one and this one.) Both would have created a huge domino effect, probably an entire redesign of my downstairs and I like what I have going on! I guess the two I chose were attempts to inject just a taste of freshness,
keep the look I've got.

The whole rug replacement started last October, when our dog Jasper took a small bottle of bleach out of the laundry room and brought it onto the living room and left it there. On the wool carpet! I guess he got a taste of what was inside when he bit into it, so he walked away and it bled into three saucer-size marks. Well today I bought a third carpet (the one Annie is laying on above), and it's not right either Urgh! At least Annie and I had a great day today, driving through the California green hills to the rug store. So...I will return this third rug and go ahead and order the rug that is close to what I have now (the one Annie is laying on below.) Maybe I'll look for some fabric for new pillows. That way I could inject some of the freshness I'm craving without tipping that first domino.

I'm a little self conscious about how trivial and house-wifeish this post sounds...

Below you will find a short dance number, directed, choreographed, and starring Annie. I feature very subltly as background noise, as I sifted (slap, whoosh, slap) through every carpet on the huge hanging racks.


Krista said...

You're so cute Patrice :)
I love how you're self-concious and open about what you feel seems silly but you blogged it anyway.
I don't know, it's one of those things, part of what we ARE is our environment, somehow. I bet if we lived in the jungle somewhere, we'd still be very concious about our personal space, how comfortable we are, the harmony of our surroundings...
In other words, I think it's a natural phenomenon. Even if it's gone terribly overboard in today's world.
I hope you find the carpet that suits you and fits in and makes you smile.
I bought a fabulous cream, wool, hand woven carpet at Ikea last year, but ended up storing it away in the basement. It looked nice, but shed worse than 10 dogs! I was forever sweeping up huge fur balls from every corner of every room. Plus I think we must have been breathing a great deal of it in, because everyone seem to breathe a little easier when we got rid of it!
That's my house-wifey rug story I've now shared with you :) You're not alone.

capello said...

i hope you find a pretty rug.

and no, it's not trivial. you'll have to live with it for decades, it should be something that lasts and you love.

Marsha said...

It is so nice that you and Annie are having so much fun trying to find just the right rug, hold out until you find one that speaks to you and you will love it forever.

Carmel said...

Interesting to know.