Thursday, March 8, 2007

Four More Things About Me

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Teenage salad and dessert girl, Boulder House Restaurant

2. Entertainment industry graphic designer

3. Small business owner, Houseworks

4. Residential mural painter

Four Movies I'd Watch Again and Again

The Quiet Man starring Maureen O'Hara

2. Any Merchant Ivory production

3. My Life as a Dog - Lasse Hallstrom

4. Babette's Feast

Four Places I've Lived

1.Born in Berkeley, California

2. Raised in Santa Cruz Mountains, California

3. Colleged in Pasadena, California

4. Worked in Santa Monica, California

Four TV Shows I'll Watch

1. 60 minutes

2. The Dog Wisperer

3. Designed to Sell

4. Flip This House

Four Blogs I Like to Visit

Big + Little

2. No Appropriate Behavior

3. Little Birds

4. Green Kitchen

Four Foods I Like

1. Spinach & Onions

2. Freshly laid eggs

3. Anything Billy cooks

4. Chocolate & Nuts

Four Places I'd Like to go to Again

1. The west coast of Ireland

2. Ubud, Indonesia

3. Swimming in a cenote in the Yucatan

4. Joshua Tree in the Spring


capello said...

what was houseworks?

Nina said...

I loved Babette's Feast. It is the sort of movie you can watch again and again for the nuance. I have watched many Merchant Ivory films again and again. It is sad that their era has come to an end.

We have a strange obsession with Designed to Sell and House Hunters. I think it has something to do with two exhausted parents sitting in front of the tv at the same time every day.

We are lucky enough to get farm fresh eggs. Sometimes they are still warm from the morning gathering. Pure delight.

patrice said...

Hey Capello!
Houseworks was an exclusive service I ran along with two employees, that coordinated many aspects of home care for a select client (the stinking rich.) Houseworks offered car, pet, fresh flowers, baking/cooking, personal shopper, errands and a pristine housekeeping service. One client chose every service we offered at close to $4000 a month!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Hi Patrice!
No wonder I seem to gravitate to your blog. I have lived in Pasadena during college...grew up in SC and lived in West LA, adjacent to Santa Monica.
I have some similiar favorite things. Chocolate and nuts. I love most home decorating shows.
I don't think you are being to wifey by shopping for the perfect rug. I love that you have something in mind that will work with your space. I get the same way about certain things.