Friday, March 30, 2007

P + J 4 Ever

I'm bursting with a secret...Jasper and I are in love.
Don't tell! We have to keep it hidden.
We were "out" about it for a while, but Annie and Bill really hated it.
Annie'd try to get on my lap whenever I pet him or talked to him.
Bill would just crate him. Annie said she hated Jasper! Every time I let him in the front door, Bill would let him out the back door.

So we went underground.
We try not to flaunt it in front of Bill and hand holding, kissing, or baby talk. I don't want trigger any more jealous feelings or competition, comparisons, or measuring of my affections. We steal away to take walks at night, or early in the morning, and we try not to gaze lovingly at each other across the room. Right now he's under the table with his head secretly resting on my feet. Mmmmmmm.


capello said...

and they called it puppy lo-ove...

sara said...

you are so funny trisie

Moriah said... is soooo hard to be in love and have to keep it hidden...I, my self, am in love with my cat Bosley...he just turned one...he is a black and white tuxedo maine coon..with the cutest 'got milk' moustache... and he is like the BEST of all my special favorite cats gone to heaven.. and come back to hang out together again...we do go on and on, but sometimes I get the other cats (there are four altogher) looking at me and I start to feel a little self conscious that I am showing 'favoritism' eventually ends up to be a big kitty love fest...walks are a great way of sharing that special time as always ...