Friday, March 2, 2007

WIP Friday

I bought some interesting body products for Annie as stocking stuffers in December, and tucked them away so cleverly that I just recently found them! One was a bath "tea" bag called Milky Oats. Wow! Annie and I soaked in it, and it smelled great, plus it left our skin soft and moist. Also, we found that if you put it in the fridge between uses, it seems to last for three baths or more. Well, we were so delighted with the bath tea that we've been concocting our own version ever since. We use the following organic ingredients:

Calendula Flowers, Lavender, Roses, Chamomile, Oatmeal, Dried Buttermilk, drops of Kiel's China Flowers Oil, and a splash of Epsom Salt (I don't think that's organic...hmmm.)

Here's how we did it...We took all the ingredients and mixed them together in a bowl. Then you can either make little bags out of fabric,
(see bottom photo) or you can buy the little muslin bags you get at the health food store, (which are shown in photo above.) You might notice, I added a little fabric to jazz up the store bought one's. We finished up by wrapping each finished tea bag in a bit of plastic wrap to preserve the scent and freshness of the ingredients. I wish I could post the scent of these little bags. Mmmmmm.


capello said...

mmmmmm... lovely.

(except for the oat part. oats. damn.)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Easter is coming and my once a year bath would be more enjoyable!

patrice said...

There's one with your name on it, don't worry!