Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nana Insists on Bathing the Children

As you can see here, Jasper really watches over Annie in almost everything she does. He's especially attentive when she's in the bath. He's actually hovering over her right now, as she sings and plays in there, much like you would imagine Nana doing in the Darling household. I even thought I heard him whisper to her to wash behind her ears! Annie just got out of the bath and is at my elbow right now, wrapped in a towel, insisting that I tell you all the she has a very wiggly tooth. Her first wiggly tooth! It wiggles A LOT already! We're guessing it will be out within a day or two.
Wow! Tooth fairies, Leprechauns, and Shamrocks Oh My!


Mariposa said...

That is reminiscent of Peter Pan.

Congratulations to Annie on her first wiggly tooth! Our daughter enjoys this book Dear Tooth Fairy by Alan Durant.

capello said...

a wiggly tooth? ack!

(i'm scared of wiggly teeth. it's really unnatural to me. aaaaiiiieeeee!!!)

Anonymous said...

Jasper really does look like Nana, or at least how I would imagine her. He is not that big is he?