Friday, April 6, 2007

Afternoon Easter Party!

Sunny Day + Pizza & Salad + Green Grass + Face Painting + Egg Dying + Giggling + Friends! + Juice Spritzers + A Lot of Chocolate =
Afternoon Easter Party!

Photos from top to bottom- 1.)Papa surprises us with a beautiful cake! 2.) The table is set with party favors. 3.) Chloe and Annie waiting to dig in. 4.) Rinny metamorphising before our eyes! 5.)Alex with roses and cherries in her cheeks. 6.)Anna blossoming! 7.) Annie "Sagwa" the Cherokee-Indian-Chinese Siamese Cat.
Thanks for everything Edie!


capello said...

so. fun.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Happy Holiday!
What a fun day!
I love the cake and face painting.

Anonymous said...

That was terrific with Alex and her hair as the branch for the fruit! Very clever!

nina said...

The face painting is lovely. Your tablescapes continue to inspire me to want to create more beautiful days of celebration. I would love to here how you have developed your style.