Friday, April 27, 2007

Just a Day

Not much to report...Still sitting back and watching as our lives shift, creak, and possibly move. Bill's company has been sold and they are asking him, and of course, Annie and I (and three laying hen's, two dogs, one cat, two canaries, one snake, two guinea pigs, one turtle, and two bullfrogs) to relocate to San Francisco by July. We are exploring all of our options, and trying to imagine our life different than it is right now. We've lived in this house for ten wonderful years, with Bill working ten minutes away, and I can easily imagine ten more. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that I was expressing my pure pleasure about how much I was grateful for and enjoying my life? So I'm taking each day slowly, and trying not to panic. Of course I've gotten a slight cold, a puffy, crusty eye, cramps, and am obsessing on a Bottocelli 1000 piece puzzle while I'm not on the computer or phone, checking out possible angles, sources, and options for the future.

Meanwhile, today was very warm and beautiful. In an effort to remain grounded and serene, I hung all of our clothes out on the line to dry. We had a long breakfast, and by the time we cleaned up it was noon. Annie wanted many "tenticle" braids like an octopus, which I gave her, then she let the hens out, collected eggs, trimmed the ivy off of the hen house, and was so overheated and overworked that she had to strip down and take a rest under her cord tree. Maybe in some way I knew that our time in this enchanted house was limited...We purposfully buried Annie's umbilical cord in this large pot (above), then planted a small Japanese maple in it, instead of "planting" it in the ground . (I'm thinking of "planting" her baby teeth in this pot as well. What else are you supposed to do with the little souveniers?)
We're doing a job search here so we don't have to move, and we are looking closely at the offer on the table. One thing that makes me feel better about possibly moving, is picturing us living in S.F. in a great place that can fit all of us, with Bill close by, not making a long commute. Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, the DeYoung, the Zoo, etc. Can you see it too?


Marsha said...

I am keeping you in my prayers. July is so close.

capello said...

yikes, what a decision to make.

where you are, everything is so charmed. and yet moving would be such an adventure.

but there's a line of the quiet live versus the hustle-and-bustle and you'll have to make the decision.

best of luck, i'm sure the outcome will be great for your family.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Wow, such options...
Hmmm...I can see how difficult this decision could be.
I hope the answer comes to all of you.
Then again, both places are so nice for different reasons. Whatever the outcome is, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Mariposa said...

I love the photo you took of Annie because it reminds me of Diego Rivera's paintings. It was warm here as well and when I wasn't looking my daughter stripped to her underwear to practice the piano. I told her not to wear the dress she was wearing to the recital tomorrow.:)

I am sorry you might have to leave the home you have grown to love.

The Bay Area can be a very interesting place to live if you can select an area that you would be happy in. If you want to take advantage of the city then IMO it is better to live in it.

I use to live in Marin and then the East Bay.

2begin2 said...

I grew up in this beach town, lived in San Francisco for 10 years where I met, married & had 2 kids in, then moved back to the beach town (possibly the same as yours???) I love it here...but would move back to SF in a heart beat! Ah, the theatre, the museums...!!! We only needed one car! I wish you luck on this decision - thankfully you have to choose between 2 wonderful places!