Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Today

There's a lot going on around here...mostly internal at this point. I'm reflecting on many things and feeling in-between worlds. What feels important to me is just today, not galloping too far ahead of me or behind.

Just today.


capello said...

that is a lovely picture of annie.

Marsha said...

I like, Just today. Sometimes I get all worked up about the past or the future, or a bunch of things out of my control. But, today was great and that is good.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love "Just Today".
It's very true for everyday.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

nina said...

"Just today" really is perfect. I love it. I am writing it on a post it right now.

The picture of Annie reminds me of a little happening today that you might enjoy. Citcat and I were walking on a trail near our house and she was searching for fungus. Then she wanted to smell them, so she laid down on the ground and took a deep breath. I'm not sure what they smell like but she sure did enjoy the being in the dirt.