Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tweet Tweet

From the first light day, to the sun setting just now, our day was all about birds. To start, as an Easter surprise, we gave Annie a beautiful pair of yellow canaries. Canaries that she has been talking about and asking for for months. She named the female Daffodil (she's yellow with orange wings, as shown in the above rendering) and the all-yellow male is Dandelion. They are beautiful and she is delighted! Then we walked down by the river and caught a glimpse of the magical Blue Heron, searching through the reeds looking for a meal! Wow! A White Heron was mid-river doing the same. After we walked to the wharf and back, (where we saw a large flock of pelicans flying above our heads) Annie sat down to draw her new birds, and snacked on some deviled eggs (more birds!) that Bill whipped up. Can I mention how happy and satisfied I'm feeling in general these days, and specifically how lovely and sweet our day was? Well, I am feeling happy and peaceful, and for that I am grateful!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day for renewal.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Ooooo... I love birds too!
What a great day!
I love the canary drawing by your daughter.
So wonderful! Your photos are always nice too!
I'm in awe of your dedication to posting on your blog. It's inspiring to me.

Marsha said...

Your artistic talents never fail to amaze me. The photos are lovely, and the drawing has just the right background. What a lovely idea to buy canaries.

Mariposa said...

Beautiful photos and a lovely drawing by your daughter.