Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our lucky day

Lucky us! We have a baby visiting for the day. Little Nina is here while her mama has some important business to attend to. What a treat to care for such a sweet young baby. Nina is just ten weeks. Annie has been looking forward to this day since last week. I am surprised and delighted at how well and how much Annie has dotted over her today. She wants to play, feed, walk, burp, sing to and talk to her, and (attempt to) dress her. It's adorable! And Nina seems to love having Annie close by. I've been wearing her in a sling most of the day and she feels wonderful! I can't help but fantasize about adopting a second child, especially watching these two lovebirds, even though Papa and I are so satisfied with our lives and the balance we enjoy with one child. O.K. Nina is waking up again...Gotta go!


Marsha said...

I miss babies, they are so lovely to hold. Sometimes I am a little sad we have decided not to have anymore babies.

nina said...

We had a little baby at our house today as well. It was so nice to hold and cuddle a soft small babe. Citcat never put anything in her mouth. This little 8 month old baby put everything in her mouth even the books we tried to read to her. I'm glad Annie had fun with her.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

How Sweet!
I do miss the super cuddling of a baby-baby in a Bjorn pack. My little guy has outgrown his Bjorn pack about 6 months ago.
It sounds like a very nice day!