Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Annie's 6th birthday today!
Six! I can hardly believe it!
Today we are going to have a little party around 3:00 to celebrate. I've got cupcakes, cut-up veggies, sandwiches, and a small violet plant for each child. She also wanted to give bubbles as party favors, so we bought them and we made custom labels to commemorate the day. I did most of the production, with Annie as art director, plus she wrote the copy (I did a little editing. I wasn't comfortable with 'butt' and 'vomit', which she thought were hilarious, but I left in poo-poo for that authentic six-year-old flavor.) Her final copy goes

"Silly bubbles buffalo blow,
flower funny fu-fu-fee-fee,
wacky wooky walrus ice,
penguin poo-poo, party favor,

Love Annie

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with six kids trapped inside my tiny house if it continues to rain like it has all day and night...I guess they'll just run around and trash the place and have some fun! Wish me luck.


nina said...

Good luck-I think you might need it. ;) Cute poem and six year old silly. Citcat's birthday is in February as well and I was quite remiss about finding a violet plant for her. You can ask her what her birthday flower is and she will tell you "the violet." I can't wait to see the photos. Also, where did you find the violets? I guess it wouldn't be too late to buy one for her.

Happy Birthday Annie!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday Miss A! I do believe you're growing up :)

Pat, your blog gets prettier and prettier each time I visit.

Have a wonderful day, no matter what your clan gets up to!

capello said...

happy sixth birthday annie!

tell your mommy she HAS TO post pictures!

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday to Annie! I hope your party is wonderful.