Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Beauty Marks

Annie has a new beauty mark right there on her left cheek. Do you see it? She has another one near her right chin. So darling. Although, the beauty mark I'm referring to is for the mark(s) she gave herself with a brush marker this morning (see below). I left her alone while she was working on Valentines and voila! When I asked her what she was trying to do she said she was doing ear make-up. Hmmmm. With a permanent brush marker? Who wears ear make-up? You think she'd have tried some of these things in the last few years... at two, three, four or five years old, but she hasn't! Now she's going on six and I'm just baffled. In the last few weeks we've had the outrageous "juice" incident with Ezra, that I posted about. Then there was the very unfortunate "let's pretend we're babies scenario" - a trio of dastardly acts with her dear friend Chloe, which still gets my blood boiling. And most recently her solo "red lipstick as furniture polish" fiasco. I didn't breath a word about the last two stunts out of embarrassment and fear of judgement. So...I'm keeping my eyes peeled, markers put away, and all doors open until this storm passes.


futuregirl said...

At 6 years old I used a permanent black marker to (kind of) write my name on the couch. I was marking the spot that was mine, as opposed to the rest of the couch, where anyone could sit.

It seems like you were lucky to have a fairly well behaved 3/4/5 year old. But, if I remember my childhood correctly, it just keeps getting worse for my parents. :) I don't think there is anything you can do to stop it.

futuregirl said...

I meant "... just kept getting worse for my parents." I'm not still torturing them. I hope. :)

patrice said...

You mean you just kept doing surprising things???

Tobey said...

Your pictures are great.
The first one looks like a cover of a magazine with your name across the bottom! :-)

Beautiful kids!