Sunday, February 18, 2007

little frida

Once again Annie is in her "Frida" mode. Most days she's asking for a uni-brow, braids on her head and festive dress. She also wants to look at the works of Frida Kahlo which can be bloody, sad and intense. Yikes! I've told her about Frida's life and how her body was injured and that it had a lifelong and painful effect on her health and life. Thankfully there are all the wonderful images of life too. Frida with animals, friends and flowers. And of course, with a paintbrush. Viva Frida!


nina said...

It is amazing what a child absorbs and how it comes out in their play. Annie's interest is quite unusal but it makes for a lovely picture. Wow

I'm sure you know it but just in case, have you read the children's book entitled Frida by Jonah Winter.

Do you recommend the movie about her life? I've not seen it.

Mariposa said...

She looks so cute and she has the perfect features to pretend to be her. My daughter is usually Alice from Alice in Wonderland her favorite book.

My daughter loves Georgia O' Keefe, Freda and Diego Rivera. You might have already read this, Frida Kaholo The Artist Who Painted Herself by Margaret Frith. It is a children's book.

Gherkin Pickle said...

I love it when the kids take on the character they admire. It shows their imagination and their passionate spirit! Great picture!

futuregirl said...

She is so freaking adorable as Frida. I love that she's asking for a unibrow ... maybe this fascination will keep her from worrying about her own stray eyebrow hairs when she grows up.

I have a picture of my sister where she's holding things in her hands so they almost cover her face, just like Annie. It must be a typical little girl pose.

I don't think it's unusual for a child to be interested in the darker parts of life. Kids are interested in *all* parts of life, dark or not. I think the more open, frank, and honest we are with young'uns, the better ... as long as they are asking. :)

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Frida was one of my favorite artists during highschool. If I knew about her sooner, I probably would have liked her then too. That is so cool your daughter is so into her. The mono brow is so Frida.