Thursday, February 22, 2007

Between the Raindrops

We dashed out between storms today and played at the beach. Ahhhhhhh. I love being outside after a storm. So does Annie and her friends Corinne and Chloe.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictoral!!!!The middle photo is my favorite. So perfect for each age group.
You are good!

capello said...

note to self: move close to ocean. *now*

nina said...

Beautiful photos. How is it that Annie has friends as lovely as her? Is it the photography? I agree with capello-move to the ocean-now. It looks so nice. You must be close if you can dash out between raindrops.

Gherkin Pickle said...

It looks much, much warmer than what I have been A question for you. How do you put Making Peace on all your pictures? Seems to me I want to do that. I would be a great way to claim ownership! Thanks for letting me know!

patrice said...

Hi Gherkin! Thanks for your comment and the following is an attempt to describe how to put a "watermark" on your photos. I use a photo program called PhotoStudio. I open the photo I want to "mark", and add my title, change the font, size, color, then the transparency to my liking then save it, then use it in my post. The transparancy is the tool that gives it the title that ghostly, non-invasive look. This could also be done in PhotoShop (or other similar program.) I remember Michelle over at GreenKitchen posted a tutorial on how to do it, I think it was in July of her archives. If this info was too general, let me know what programs you have and maybe I can walk you through. Just email me directly at

tine b said...

dear patrice,
lovely, lovely pics on your blog.
if you have a minute one day, would you let me know how you've made the bottom be a series of pics?
compliments for our eye on the world