Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rosy, Blossoming, New and Promised

I enjoyed BITTER BETTY'S BLOGS recent post of color so much I decided to try one of my own. It's in honor of Valentines Day 2007, and also for the coming Spring, and all that is rosy and blossoming, new and promised.

(Top to Bottom)
Perfect pink planter sitting atop the upstairs potty.
My riotous new rain boots from Jane.
The Whispering Moon on Annie's wall.
Annie enjoying a freshly bloomed Breath of Heaven bouquet.
Red vintage trim that I scored on my last trip to visit Pat.
Annie's salmon-pink, much-loved water bottle from LaLa.
Annie's petal pink silk bedspread from Grandma and Grandpa.
The only shoes Annie's worn these last five months or so. Can't you tell?


capello said...

i *need* those rainboots.

nina said...

The images made my evening. They make me want to buy a new camera and really try to take good photos. Alas, I am still just organizing the photos from the last two years. I hope to start sometime soon.