Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Un Dimanche à la Grande Jatte

The following is an account of Tuesday February 5th, 2007 in my own words-

Ahhhh. Some days are just pure magic. That describes yesterday. Easy, flowing, and highly pleasurable. My dear friend Sara and I took the kids fishing at Westlake Pond, and although no fish were caught (not even a nibble) everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. For hours the kids enjoyed fishing, playing some forest game, sitting on our laps, and playing on the park equipment. Sara and I got to really talk, with very few interruptions, and enjoy the bright day, sitting beside each other on a blanket, relaxing, eating the yummy picnic we packed. Ahhhh again. I'm so glad we got outside, because the forecast calls for four or five days of rain, which we really need.

The following is an account of Tuesday February 5th, 2007 in Annie's words, dictated to me-

"We fished yesterday with Ezra and dear Annie. A duck tried to steal my sandwich. We were throwing "poison berries" in the water. The ducks ate them. And I had a sandwich, and I hooked two worms at the same time. And I fished with them on at the same time. I let a boy use my fishing pole, because he wanted a turn. And his name was Marcus. The worms were escaping if I left the top off. And that's it."

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capello said...

next year, we're spending the winter with you. mkay?