Thursday, February 1, 2007

Beware of Seniors

Annie and I went to harbor beach on Wednesday. Just like it sounds, it's right at the harbor, where there is a cafe, and a couple of restaurants that front the beach. I brought a knitting project, some lunch, sand toys and a blanket. Oh yes, and Daphne, Annie's chihuahua too. I got us all set up and I sat there at a cafe table at the edge of the patio enjoying the view and watching Annie run around with another little girl. To top it all off, there was a guy there trying to sell some eight week old Labradoodle puppies, which were romping around, playing in the sand. All was goodness and light...until the seniors started to show. Now please don't get me wrong. I love all humans and I have a particular fondness and respect for anyone who has lived a great number of years. Part of why I'm writing this is my shock and surprise at how I felt so unconsidered by them.

Here's what happened.

Well, we were enjoying ourselves, I was in the zone of wind, the cries of gulls, and a happy child who was leaving me to my project. Get the picture? I was just finishing the dog sweater I was knitting, and had all my supplies ready to do the decorative stitch work, when a very fit senior gentleman in a sea captains cap sat down on a bench next to us and started unloading what looked like a music stand and some other gear. I'm thinking "Wow! Our lucky day. We're going to get some live music!" My joy was quickly turned a bit sour when he starts to light, relight and very actively enjoy a stinky pipe. It was going right in our faces. Annie had never witnessed one before and was said "Stinky! Yucky!" But he didn't seem to notice. Maybe because we were down wind. Right after that, some other folks joined him and I wondered if it was a jam session. I saw a few ukulele's. And some bongo drums. Then I saw a stand up bass. Next thing I know, I'm surrounded. I mean the group was so close they were bumping my elbows! And they keep coming. I'm smiling and trying to make eye contact, but they were so excited about what they were up to that no one noticed me. No one saw that I had set up and was enjoying that "spot." I'm guessing it's their "spot." Possibly their "spot"on a regular basis. Clearly a kind of crowd mentality took over. And I'm sitting there surrounded! Well, I decided to put away my project, gather our things, either pick up and find a different spot, or let Annie know that it was getting time to leave. Well, as soon as I stood up one of them took my chair. No asking. No eye contact. No acknowledgement. I felt invisible.

I didn't like it.

My mood was spoiled.

Senior. Kids. Peers. Age isn't the the issue at all. It was consideration, and maybe some connection or acknowledgment that I wanted. Just a look! A smile! A little information. I would have moved over happily! I was torn between being delighted that they were gathering together and making music at the sea shore, and wanting to be seen for what I was doing too!

Maybe my mood being spoiled like that was an indication of what was to come.

All day today, Thursday, I had a stunning headache. The kind you don't ignore. Annie kept making amazing drawing and bringing them to me on the couch. (My head throbbed trying to focus on them.) Plus she attempted her own food and project preparations. Thankfully, she was happy as a lark all day, as I laid there using the least amount of words to answer her zillion questions.

Thankfully, as I write this now, the headache has passed.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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capello said...

rudeness is rudeness. it doesn't matter if it if from kids, elderly or your "friends."

and it is a total mood spoiler.

hope you are feeling better today.