Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pure Pleasure

Words don't come close to how beautiful it was here today. Wow! With the showers we had on Friday night and yesterday, today was bright, beautiful, warm and glorious. Annie, Bill and I went for a long hike out at Wilder Ranch (Yeah for Annie for walking for more than two hours!) to celebrate our wedding day twelve years ago. One thing that stood out for me that made today so pleasurable, was all the scents. The earth was damp and pungent, the spray off the ocean smelled musky and the acres and acres of rosemary farmed out there kept wafting past us as we wound around the ocean path. Heavenly! I'm being called downstairs right now because we are about to make a special dinner to continue the celebration (complete with a chocolate heart cake that Annie and I baked for Papa this morning to surprise him.) I'm hoping everyone had a pleasurable day, and that it continues on through your week!


Project Pink Suitcase said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my Bernard Quilt post. It's always great to hear from other
ACCD graduates. I love these Wilder Ranch photos!!!
They are wonderful!!!

weislyleon said...

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Moriah said...

I love Wilder Ranch...and Happy Anniversary to you and Bill...I remember your wedding day and how happy Annie was for to you and your family.