Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sew Cold!

I've been hankerin' to get out in my studio and do some sewing, but it's been so cold! I was able to cut out and sew a new nightie for Annie, but I ran the heater for at least two hours before going out there. It's not only the temperature that is not conducive to work, but the aesthetics of the space. My studio needs help! I see all of these great work spaces on other blogs and I want to redo my space so that when I am in the process of working I can snap photos and enjoy how the space looks. I was fairly OK with everything until last summer when one whole wall was replaced, as well as the roof. Since then, the sheet rock hasn't been painted and the floors got so thrashed that they need a fresh coat of paint too. To accomplish these tasks, the whole space must be emptied (which would force me to evaluate what I have in there, which is good) re-paint, maybe install some shelves, then put it back together. Ugh! I just want to sew. And paint. And build. Anyway, I can't do anything until Spring. So for now, I'm just dreaming.

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Pat said...

Very cute. The inset pleat is charming. The colors are great.