Thursday, January 4, 2007

Once a Season, That's All I Ask

Finally, Annie has shampooed her hair! I think it's been at least two months. What can I say? She hates it and I'm not willing to force her. Besides, it has never looked or smelled bad. Has it? On our last mushroom hunt, I found three or four tiny little ticks on my sweater and I was worried she might have picked some up too. So she was totally up for it when I told her what I was worried about. She had so much fun lathering up this time that she kept getting out of the tub to look at herself in her mirror. Then I got out of the tub and grabbed my camera. Unfortunately, Annie still will not have water poured over her head, so I have to use a slightly wet washcloth and slowly pull the shampoo out. You should have seen it when it was dry and all brushed out! So glorious!

1 comment:

Sarah and Jack said...

2 months, wow! It always amazes me how long kids can hold tight to something. At least she really enjoyed the freshening up!