Monday, January 1, 2007

A Completed Trip Around The Sun

We went for a long walk today in the hills looking for mushrooms and for owl pellets. We found a lot of both. I was amazed with my mushroom finds! I found bigger and more exotic one's than I've ever found before. Annie found a small rodent jaw bone and a part of a rodent spine in an owl pellet. (That's owl vomit.) I'm not as interested in the vomit, but Annie and Bill seem happy to hunt for it. We must have walked close to two miles and Annie didn't ask to be carried at all! Wow! Maybe we are once again a family that can hike together. Wouldn't that be great?

So now we are starting another trip around the sun, are we? Couldn't any day be the first day of a new trip around the sun though? I'm such a non-conformist. I'll decide when and how I want to mark my time, celebrate, feel renewed. So there.


Krista said...

You, my friend, are justifying the purchase of that camera, constantly.

Happy, warm, merry, peaceful New Year to you and your loves.

From big and little

capello said...

this is the first year i've ever fel the "new year" being an actual new year.

to me, the fresh and renewal sense are in the spring, when stuff starts to bloom and come alive again, and in the autumn, when school gets back in session and there's a flurry of activity.

and family hiking sounds like a lot of fun.

Nina said...

Hi-I am out casting my net looking for other secular home school blogs. I love that you look for mushrooms. My 2 (nearly 3) year old loves to remind us that you "don't eat fugus that is outside" and that "you only eat mushrooms mommy gives you."

I read a children's book recently that held the idea that your birthday is the start of your trip around the sun. I like that.