Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello Visitor!

Hello MakingPeace Visitors,

I noticed recently it was DeLurking Week in Blog world. It seemed like an attempt by some curious Bloggers to gently nudge Lurkers (those who enjoy reading blogs anonymously) to leave some message announcing themselves, even if it's just a simple "hello!" I didn't join in when I saw it going around. For me, my biggest pleasure in blogging comes from the writing and reflection it brings me. I'm also imagining someday Annie might like to have a copy of it as a way to remember our life together as a family and maybe "seeing" me as I am today.

I'm tickled and amazed that some of you are enjoying my blog too! Some of you comment, call or email me to let me know you are reading and I love knowing who you are! Thank you! Another way I know about visitors is a free blogging service I use called SiteMeter to meter who's looking in. It gives me a general idea of who and where and how long, etc. It's easy to identify certain friends and family by this information. I have to say though, I'm finding myself kind of curious about some of you! What keeps you coming back? Would you be willing to leave a comment or email me sometime? Just a hello or feedback about something you've enjoyed?

I hope to hear from you!
With much

Above Photo-Foyer of my dollhouse with terrier looking into the dining room.


Krista said...

I'm here! I'm here!

I'll tell you why (I've been here several time since this post but have just found a chance to comment finally) I come.
You have a quiet, introspective style to your writing. You've got so many wise things to share. I love your gorgeous self-portraits, well, all of your photography. I've enjoyed your blog from the very first post I read months ago, and each one keeps me coming back to hear more.
I wanted to tell you this and am glad I finally have!
Keep it up, you're so much fun to know.

Nina said...

I am here too! Your site and words are lovely. I know a few other bloggers that are just going to love you. I just looked at your etsy shop. The fairy pull cart is divine. I can imagine you could have sold it for so much more. Your photographs are wonderful as well.

patrice said...

Thanks for commenting Krista and Nina. I'm enjoying knowing both of you via blog land. All three of us are homeschoolers. Check each other out!
Much warmth,