Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seeing Red.

I really cannot imagine what was going through her mind as she filled the squirt bottle up with boysenberry juice and then proceeded to squirt her entire bedroom - walls, bookshelves, dresser, dollhouse, etc. - with it. Can anyone shed some light? Any guesses? I'm totally baffled! By the way, I won't be posting any pictures of the scene...I leapt into action and removed as much as I could quickly for two reasons...one so I would keep from harming her, and two, so the juice didn't dry.


capello said...

oh my.

and people actually making fun of me for keeping ever drawer and door in my house locked.

Moriah said...

...I have no idea what made me tune into your blog this evening...but this post made me laugh...(I know it's not funny really)because it brought back some memories of my son Erik doing something similar. In the days I used to use noxema as a face cleanser he once coated as much of the bathroom as he could while I was folding laundry in another room and thought he was napping....what a mess and the smell !!??!!...he was around three or four at the time...he wasn't really being destructive...too young for that concept...he was just "in the moment" like children mostly are and didn't even think of the results....oh the lessons we learn as we grow...and the joys of parenting....I know it doesn't seem like it, but one day you will look back and laugh.

sarafoop said...

Whoa. I have one of those too, she's only four now but she does stuff like filling my facial wax container with toothpaste. When she was two she packed her vulva with fish food. Whyyyy? I found her peeling an onion on the kitchen floor the other day, just because she could.