Friday, April 3, 2009

Blow Wind Blow

There's definitely electricity in the air! We've had a lot of wind each night and yesterday it was windy all day! Really crazy wind at times! As soon as Annie woke she was out there on the trampoline, and after a few jumps the static electricity was incredibly high. Was it the wind? All strands that could were standing on end!

I tried to capture it with the camera before I went to make breakfast and return a few phone calls. While I chatted away and cooked, I noticed Annie was leaving me a message with the Scrabble tiles. "Your not lisoneng (listening) to me!" which I think means "Stop talking and feed me!"

The song is Blow Wind Blow by Lionel Belasco's Orechesta Featuring Houdini


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, It is raining here today..
P is watching Cat in the Hat.

Jen N said...

love it! sounds like a great day.

Pat said...

She is so clever and polite. How I wish I was could be interupted that diplomaticagffffffffffffffffffvly.
Sorry, cotl (means cat on the lap). I make up my own text expressions, lol!

8)(8 said...

We had a dry cold wind storm pass through here last evening. I love the wind.

She is so polite. I love the clever way she handled it.

Kristin said...

That's hilarious--both the photo and your daughter's message. Children seem to find a way to communicate with their parents, either directly or indirectly, they're always trying to tell us something. Luckily since you home school, you have a great chance to notice what's going on with your daughter.