Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Fruits of Our Labors

A Fairy Courting Chair

Fairy Coat Rack

Fairy Twin Bed Frames

Another Fairy Fort

A Fairy Picnic Table with Bowls of Food

Fairy Sleeping Loft

A Fairy Rocking Horse

Make sure to check out Annie's creations over at Goofing Off!

The song is Don't Go by Forest City Lover


Pat said...

Would you please make a full size picnic table for me, so I can have my breakfast in the sunshine. Why do fairies get all the fun?

Cher Mere said...

I love them!!! I love the rocking horse and, from Annie's page, the litter the most!

Kristin said...

Too cute, and wonderfully imaginative.

Ulla said...

The 'fruit fairies' don't fall far from the tree... I love these Patrice! I used to make similar little dolls with my daughter when she was Annies age, how I miss those days... You use of heavy and light is exceptional, gives the pieces their own special style!