Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trying to Catch a Moonbeam

We are suffering with the heat still. This house holds the heat and won't let it go. Nights are miserable when it's this warm. I have two appointments set up for this week with contractors to figure out ways to cool it off. More insulation, better window screens, etc. So anyway, laying on the bed with the fan directly blowing on us is how we spent most of the evening tonight. I admit to grouchiness in the heat. Annie goes more toward goofiness. So in her goofy state, and against my protests, she ran for the camera (grrrrrr...) even though the light was inadequate and we were both in our birthday suits. It was a very short shoot, my grouchiness made sure of that! But before I called for an end to the madness, I took a few sharp elbows jabs to the tit, got a ton more crazy pictures of Annie that I can never publish, plus the one above which you can see she wouldn't settle down for. Even so, I like it. I think I look like my mother, and Annie looks like the moving flash of light that she is!

In the melee, I got this one, and the one below. It was just a quick moment, but I got them. I converted the photos to black and white, then I increased the contrast and the brightness to achieve this dramatic effect. I think they have a timeless quality to them.

The song is Out Where the Little Moonbeams are Made by B.B. Bruns


Pat said...

The last phot is destined to be a classic. One that she can show her children and be proud of. She is a beauty.

Kate in NJ said...

I agree with Pat.
Sorry you are suffering through the heat..wishing cool breezes
head your way..soon.
Happy Earth Day!

Kristin said...

I didn't have an air conditioner in Tucson, where it never cools off at night and remains in the 90's.

Back then, I would soak a sheet, jump in the shower and not dry off. Add a fan to the wetness and it was so wonderful, and in fact, chilling, that I could finally fall asleep. After an hour or so, I'd wake up sweating and do it over again.

I used to have a mist bottle for my visitors to spray themselves while the fan blew upon them. That was a hit too.

I can calm myself when I'm hot, but not when I'm cold. I think that sweating is cleansing. I hope these tips help...

phyllis said...

Lovely photos. What a sweet time in spite of the heat. I guess Northern Calif. will really have to worry about the drought now. I will send some rain your way from the Northwest!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Those are classic photos!
It's been hot here too, but finally cooled off a bit today. Whew...
Keep up the gret posts!

Tanrzmom said...

Wonderful pictures of you both.....miss you tons and hope to see you soon.....xoxoxoxo