Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's on My Lap Wednesday or Pink - Colors of the Rainbow

I'm enjoying each step of making these sweet little Easter dresses. I'm especially enjoying sitting in my studio rocker and doing the hand work. (And watching a BBC broadcast of Lord Byron.)

It was during a short break after my second term at
Art Center that I learned to sew. I went to visit a friend in S.F and we went to see Out of Africa, and that was it. I HAD to learn to sew so I could make beautiful clothes like the character Karen Blixen wore. I bought everything I needed, plus a Simplicity pattern and I read and reread the pattern, studied the diagrams and the simple glossary terms that are stamped on every pattern, sewed and ripped until I finished a passable white nightgown with lace trim. With each subsequent project I attempted, I learned. Every project, even the items I never wore, I enjoyed making.

Now, I hardly sew with a pattern. I mostly copy items or I use an old patterns for size, etc. I guess my style is a bit commando. Clearly I am not a traditionalist nor a tailor. I just love to sew, especially stuff to wear at home, and I really love to sew for Annie! I had a little stash of pink gingham and some wonderful voile that went well so together that I copied this Boden dress, times two. One for Annie and one for Lucy, our dear little Easter visitor. I'll post them when they are complete.

Oh and the bottom photo...he's not on my lap, but he keeps trying to be!

The soundtrack - Theme from Out of Africa by John Barry


8)(8 said...

I love it.

Pat said...

The dresses look wonderful and so does Jasper.
Good dog! Stay down!

Kristin said...

Yur character: creative, persistent, loving and relaxed, shines through in this post. I can't wait to see the pieces complets. I'll be back for sure.

zoe krylova said...

we just watched the byron bbc production a few days before tristan arrived! i admire your sewing. i have yet to work with garment patterns and am totally intimidated. i bought a pattern over a year ago to make tashi a nightgown, and still haven't done it!