Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy and Energetic

I been totally happy and energetic towards projects around the house and studio the last few weeks. Yeah! I've had so many plans and ideas for sewing, gardening, blogging, kitchen, etc. all Winter long and it seems that Spring has brought me the focus and energy I've been waiting for! I've finished the Easter dresses for Annie and Lucy (above), and now I'm cutting into some Kelly green and white striped knit to make some simple jammies that I want to make for dear Hollis and for Annie and Lucy. We'll see. I'm not going to push it if I don't have time.

We've been active in the garden, adding new soil, re-seeding, plus we added three new terrariums to our growing collection of indoor "gardens" which add a wonderful aliveness to my desk and studio. (See the second photo down below.)

Annie has been toying around with the idea of starting her own blog for a bit now. She had made a banner (bottom) and chose a title, and last night I helped her launch it. She's so excited about it. It's called Goofing Off! And be prepared, it is uncensored goofiness!

The great song is Sugar and Spice by Zach Aston


Pat said...

The dresses are darling!!! I can't imagine the girls not being thrilled. But Jasper didn't look to thrilled, did he?

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Belated Birthday..bu the way.
I don't think I got over here on the first.